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More than a hundred free applications in your pocket


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How is it possible to have so many applications in the same small device? If you usually have your USB key in your pocket and it is more than 128MB capacity. Lupo PenSuite is an application pack optimized to be loaded on a PenDrive and brought always with you.

Why is it so important? Mainly because all those application included in the pack are portable, so they can be in your USB key ready to be launched just when plugged in any computer.

Secondly, because you will find all kind of software: web browsers, instant messenger clients, P2P clients, Text editors, screen captors, multimedia players, CD/DVD burners and more.

Finally because all of them can be well organized and accessed from an icon in the tray bar.

Ok, we have told you that it includes lots of programs, but which ones exactly? Lupo PenSuite offers you X-Firefox, X-Skype, X-VideoLan, X-Gimp, FileZilla, DeepBurner, Emule, DVD Shrink, X-Clam Win, X-Audacity, IcoFX, CCleaner Portable, TrueCrypt, CPU-Z, X-AbiWord, NotePad , 7-Zip Portable, etc. Even games... Do you need more reasons? All of them are totally free.

Some of them require Microsoft .NET Framework and Java Runtime Environment

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